dairy is the devil

“For each glass of milk, risk of dying from all causes increases by 15%.” – Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine “I would rather give my grandchildren a can of Coca-Cola than a glass of milk.” – Dr. John McDougall. Dairy is the Devil. Dairy is horrible for children, men, pregnant women, regular women. Dairy is… Continue reading dairy is the devil

plant-based food diary: what i ate on saturday

Sometimes people find out that I’m plant-based and they cannot imagine what I eat! They think that I survive on lettuce and carrots. So this post is a food diary of what I ate on Saturday, September 26th. I tend to eat more on the weekend because I have more time to exercise and cook,… Continue reading plant-based food diary: what i ate on saturday

the war on (olive) oil

I’m talking about all types of kitchen oil. Olive oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, canola oil, flax oil, coconut oil. This topic was crazy to me initially because I heard the complete opposite message for years. And once I started learning about it, I couldn’t unlearn it.  When I started paying attention what had added oils it was everywhere. Everywhere! Even… Continue reading the war on (olive) oil

food shaming – let’s talk!

I cried my eyes out today but had an amazing discussion with my wonderful, empathetic friend Shannon. I realized that I often feel unsupported in my plant-based food decisions, and after thinking about it a bit more, I think what I feel is shame. Food shame. And I know the worst thing to do when you feel… Continue reading food shaming – let’s talk!

milk-free egg-free butter-free guilt-free banana bread

My mom used to make the best banana bread, and it was something that I really missed when I started eating healthier. But I found this recipe in the Forks Over Knives Cookbook (recipe created by Isa Chandra Moskowitz) and it’s quickly become one of my favourites. It doesn’t have the usual suspects – milk, buttermilk,… Continue reading milk-free egg-free butter-free guilt-free banana bread